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2024 Legislation

AB 1866- California's Idle Well Crisis: Requires oil operators to develop a comprehensive plan to urgently plug the estimated 40,000 idle oil wells in California, and requires operators to prioritize wells that pose a threat to life, health, property or natural resources.

AB 1969- Expand Access to Sustainable Agricultural Equipment: Allows farmers to purchase drones for agricultural production using the State's zero-emission equipment purchasing vouchers.

AB 2298- Protect Blue Whales and Blue Skies: Establishes the California Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies program to prevent boat strikes on endangered whale populations and reduce harmful air emissions by incentivizing shipping companies to slow their vessel speeds along the California Coast.

AB 2310- Equal Access to Justice: Ensures individuals with limited English proficiency can fully comprehend parole hearings by providing them access to translated documents and certified interpreters.

AB 2322- State Support for Nonprofits: Cuts red tape by streamlining the application process and disbursement of small dollar State grants for nonprofits.

AB 2407- Improving College Campus Safety: Fosters transparency, accountability, and safe learning environments by requiring the California State Auditor to audit sexual harassment policies across California's Community Colleges, CSUs, and UCs.

AB 2558- Protection of Native Fish Habitat: Requires the Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to remove man-made stream barriers in order to help restore salmon and steelhead trout habitats.

AB 2628- Government Transparency: Requires the State Auditor to maintain a regularly updated website that identifies recommendations made in audits, and adjusts audit timelines for practical resource management.

AB 2761- Reducing Toxic Packaging: Bans PFAS and PVC in plastic packaging to better protect public health and the environment.

AB 2964- Enforcement Against Cockfighting: Sets a clear criminal standard of evidence to prosecute violations of the State's cockfighting ban.

AB 2973- Better Coordination of Emergency Medical Services: Outlines the authorities and responsibilities of local governments to provide emergency medical services and promote accountability and coordination.

AB 2985- Jury Mental Health Awareness: Provides California jurors with mental health awareness and support after they fulfill their civic duty of serving on a jury.

AB 3017- Supporting Tribal Governments: Expands the opportunity to receive up to 25% of State contracts and grants in advance to California Tribal Governments.

AB 3077- Mental Health Access: Ensures individuals with borderline personality disorder can receive the necessary mental health treatment and allows judges to reduce sentencing if doing so serves the interests of justice and public safety.

AB 3121- Water Conservation Compliance: Gives local water suppliers more time to comply with the State's water efficiency standard to promote better compliance and understanding of new regulations.