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2023 Legislation

AB 463 – Public Transportation during Emergencies: Ensures that California prioritizes public transit agencies' access to electricity during emergencies and power grid disruptions to ensure transit buses are available for evacuations.

AB 557 – Remote Meetings during Emergencies: Allows local governments to conduct remote meetings during Governor declared State emergencies to ensure essential community services continue to operate.

AB 584 - Local Disaster Recovery: Helps State and local governments swiftly conduct emergency repair work during disaster recovery efforts by allowing the Coastal Commission more flexibility to issue emergency waivers. The bill would streamline clean-up of our roads, trails, and oceans to ensure the safety of Californians.

AB 590 - Nonprofit Access to State Grants: Ensures nonprofits can secure up to 25% of State grants and contracted funds up front, with a priority on nonprofits serving vulnerable communities or those with modest reserves. This legislation will increase nonprofit service provider's access to State funding and expands the delivery of needed assistance to vulnerable Californians.

AB 631 - Oil & Gas Violation Enforcement: Ensures California has 21st century enforcement tools to protect communities from oil and gas operations that violate the law and endanger both public health and the environment.

AB 697 - Cannabis Enforcement: Provides local government and public safety agencies with State cannabis cultivation and sales data in order to tackle the illegal cannabis market.

AB 703 – Dog Breed Restrictions for Property Insurance: Prohibits insurers from using the breed of a dog when determining property insurance coverage. Instead, each dog would be judged independently, based upon its own temperament and behavior, regardless of its breed.

AB 1125 – Driver's License Protection: Protects Californians who miss a traffic fine installment plan payment from having their driver's license suspended by the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

AB 1045 - Public Notification for Hazardous Waste: Ensures that all California communities receive timely and effective notice when the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) permits a hazardous waste facility, or responds to a situation that impacts public health, safety, or the environment.

AB 1197 - Supporting Local Family Farms: Identifies local, small family farms and ranches to connect them with State resources so they can grow their businesses, prosper economically and continue serving heathy food to our communities.

AB 1212 - California Scenic Bikeway and Trails Program: Establishes the California Scenic Bikeways and Trails Program to identify bikeway and trail networks that support recreation opportunities in communities across California. The bill will help bring tourism revenue to local communities and encourage healthy, sustainable recreation.

AB 1345 - Consumer Protections for Homeowners: Protects vulnerable homeowners against deceptive real estate lending agreements that are being used to trap consumers into decades-long contracts that are tied to irrevocable liens on their homes.

AB 1412 - Mental Health Treatment: Allows defendants diagnosed with Borderline Personality disorder to receive the necessary mental health treatment through pretrial diversion programs to increase rehabilitation and reduce recidivism.

AB 1548 - Recycling Infrastructure: Ensures that local governments and nonprofits are eligible for State funding to purchase critical recycling equipment and expand food waste recovery operations. This bill will help California meet its ambitious recycling goals.

AB 953 - Protecting Marine Wildlife: I am proud to coauthor Assembly Bill 953 which expands The Protecting Blue Whales and Blue Skies program statewide. This voluntary marine vessel speed reduction program, first started in Santa Barbara County, has been proven to reduce deadly whale strikes from ships and significantly reduce air pollution from container vessels off the coast.

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