Assemblymember Limón Opposes Offshore Oil Drilling in California

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

(Sacramento) Assemblymember Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara) became the joint author of Assembly Joint Resolution 29 following President Trump’s announcement on January 4th to explore the opening of California’s coast to offshore oil drilling. During an Assembly Natural Resources Committee hearing, Limón announced her opposition to this plan. “This bipartisan bill, AJR 29 expresses the legislatures strong and unequivocal opposition to the federal administrations plan to open all three regions of the California coast to offshore oil and gas leasing which have been off limits for over three decades,” said Limón. “California knows the cost of oil- from the largest spill in California’s history in 1969 taking place in my district of Santa Barbara to the most recent- the Refugio Oil Spill. My community has paid the price.” Watch this Assembly Access video to hear more from Assemblymember Limón.