There Oughta Be a Law

Do you ever see something in your daily life and think, "There oughta be a law" or even, "That should not be a law"? If you have, this contest is for you! Any constituent of District 37 is invited to submit ideas and proposals for a new state law. The law can cover any issue, from a localized and particular problem to something that improves the quality of life throughout California. Alternatively, idea proposals can also focus on repealing a law as well. If your idea is the one selected, you may have to opportunity to travel to Sacramento and testify before an Assembly Committee on the merits of the bill.

Previous ideas have been submitted on a wide variety of topics. These include cracking down on misleading floral advertisements, enabling voters who submit ballots by mail to confirm that their vote was counted, and a measure to link local businesses and chambers of commerce with community colleges to promote job creation.

Submissions have closed for 2017.

This is one of many ways you can have your voice heard.

Here are some resources to aid in researching current and previous legislation that may relate to your proposal:

Basic Overview of the Legislative Process:

Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO):