Press Release

Thursday, October 4, 2018
Thursday, October 4, 2018
Tuesday, September 18, 2018

SACRAMENTO— Governor Jerry Brown has signed Assembly Bill 1860 - The Oral Chemotherapy Fairness Act, authored by Assemblymember Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara). AB 1860 keeps cancer-fighting drug prices down for Californians by prohibiting a health plan or health insurer from charging more than $250 per month in out-of-pocket costs for each filled prescription of a covered oral anticancer medication.

“AB 1860 helps many Californians who are fighting cancer better afford and access oral chemotherapy. The Oral Chemotherapy Fairness Act is about ensuring that cancer-fighting drugs can be administered orally allowing cancer patients to keep focus on their everyday life routines,” said Assemblymember Limón. “AB 1860 will make a significant difference in the lives of many cancer patients.”

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO — Assemblymember Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara) is among top State environmental leaders attending Governor Jerry Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco this week sending a clear message to the rest of the nation that despite the Federal Government’s withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, California will continue to lead the nation in climate policy.

“It’s a privilege to be among international and national delegations, scientists, and business and academic leaders, at the Global Climate Action Summit to find innovative and tangible ways to move our communities forward to achieve and maintain safe waterways, cleaner air and a healthy environment for our future,” said Assemblymember Limón.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sacramento, CA- AB 2534, authored by Assemblymember Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara), takes an important step towards removing barriers that have prevented the public from accessing and enjoying an 8.5 mile stretch of the coast for the past 36 years.

“California beaches are public resources that should be available for everyone to enjoy regardless of their zip code. It is my hope that we can move towards a more equitable outcome,” said Assemblymember Limón.

Friday, August 17, 2018

(Sacramento) - On the floor of the California State Assembly, Assemblymember Monique Limón (D-Santa Barbara) honored Ilan Zur for his work as part of the Jesse Marvin Unruh Assembly Fellowship Program. Founded in 1957, the program is one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious legislative fellowship programs. Zur is a graduate of UC Santa Cruz and served an 11-month tenure. Watch this Assembly Access video for more.