Limón in the Legislature: March 2019

The new legislative session is well underway and I want to provide an update on what I am working on in the District and the Capitol.

In January, Governor Gavin Newsom began his term as Governor with the California Rises Benefit Event. The event raised nearly 5 million dollars for victims of California wildfires. The event also recognized the thousands of firefighters and emergency personnel who answered the call to service. It was humbling to share the story of the Thomas Fire and Montecito Debris Flow and thank the many first responders in attendance for their heroic work on those tragic days.

California Rises Benefit Event

The inauguration speech given by the Governor continued the message of bringing California together. Governor Newsom, in just a few short months has begun to share his plan for how to move California forward. The 2019 Budget proposal lays out the blueprint of many of the top priorities for the state of California and the Governor.

His administration prioritizes early childhood education, expanding paid family leave, and continues to invest in wildfire prevention and recovery. I look forward to working with my colleagues in the Assembly as we dive deeper into the budget.



Monique Limón
Assemblymember, 37th Assembly District

Governor's Budget

Click here to see the official 2019-2020 proposed Governor's Budget Summary.

DC Delegation

In February, I represented the 37th Assembly District and the State of California through an Assembly Delegation visit to Washington DC. I connected with many of our national leaders to discuss top priorities for the state of California.

2019 Proposed Legislation

Below is a list of key bills I have introduced for the 2019 Legislative Session:

AB 388: Alzheimer’s Healthy Brain Initiative: Creates a public awareness campaign aimed at educating the public on the early warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in order to mitigate side effects through early detection.

Alzheimer’s bill introduction

AB 409: Farmer Climate Adaptation Tools: Establishes a grant program to fund climate adaptation planning tools and training for farmers and ranchers.

AB 539: Fair Access to Credit Act: Sets a fair interest rate cap on small dollar loans in order to eliminate triple digit interest rate loans that perpetuate a cycle of debt.

AB 842: Hunger Free Preschool: Ensures that healthy meals are made available to all eligible low-income preschoolers for free or at a reduced price, while guaranteeing providers are being adequately compensated for their expenses.

AD37 Limon with SEIU speech

AB 1057: Oil Bond Requirements: Ensures that the price of bonds for oil and gas wells includes the cost of cleanup in the event of a decommissioned oil production site so that taxpayers do not have to pick up the costs.

AB: 1246: Health Care Consumer Protections: Ensures all consumers have comprehensive “basic health care services” and medically necessary prescription drugs protections, regardless of which state department regulates their health coverage.

Art of the 37th Assembly District

In March, my Santa Barbara District Office was filled with students and parents from Hope School and Vieja Valley Elementary Schools for an evening of art. With ongoing collaboration with schools in my District, “Art of the 37th District” is a project aimed at highlighting student talent across my district. The art is displayed in my officer, where constituents that walk through my door on a daily basis can enjoy.

Art of the 37th Assembly District

Art of the 37th Assembly District

Women of the Year

To kick off women’s history month each district honored one woman who exemplified leadership in their community. This year I had the distinct honor to present Yesenia DeCasaus with the 37th Assembly District woman of the Year Award. Yesenia is a Regional Coordinator for the United Domestic Workers /AFSCME Local 3930 and Vice-President of the Central Coast Labor Council. In addition to serving our community through her professional role, she has established a scholarship in honor of her son for college students, created a support group for Spanish-speaking community members who have lost a child, and has been a strong voice for women in the workforce.

Women of the Year

This month, I also joined Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson to honor the Women of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. I could not more proud of these women and their contributions to the health, beauty, and well-being of our District.


Kristin Decas
Kelly Brown
Jennifer Nyhuis
Peggy Kelly
President Erika Beck

Santa Barbara:

Gloria Soto
Julie Mickelberry
Cheri Jasinski
Yesenia DeCasaus

Women of the Year