2021 Legislation

AB 649 Cal Recycle – Creates the Office of Environmental Justice and Tribal Relations at CalRecycle.

AB 661 Recycling Material – Will require state agencies adhere to a recycled products standard for product purchasing and contracts between state agencies and vendors. The same purchasing requirement that private industry is currently meeting.

AB 674 SNAP Foster Youth – Increases former foster youth participation in Calfresh by requiring counties to provide information regarding CalFresh eligibility to young adults exiting the foster youth system.

AB 716 Court Media Access – Modernizes access to open court proceedings by requiring courts to provide remote access to the public.

AB 741 Helping Mentally Ill Defendants – Will connect persons suffering from mental illness to community resources upon exiting county jail.

AB 771 Waiving Driver’s License Fees: Homeless Individuals – Waives the driver’s license fee for homeless individuals. Homeless individuals can already obtain a fee waiver for Identification Cards, and this bill allows for the same process for Driver’s Licenses.

AB 824 Student School Board Members– Allows students to petition to add a Student Board Member to County Boards of Education and charter school governing boards.

AB 826 BEACON – Establishes the Beach Erosion Authority for Clean Oceans and Nourishment (BEACON) as a program under the Coastal Conservancy to address the resource and recreational goals of the South Central Coast area.

AB 861 Mobile Home Parks – Codifies an Attorney General opinion clarifying that any rule established by the owner of a Manufactured Home Park regarding sub-leasing or renting a space, or unit, applies equally to owners/management and park residents.

AB 896 Idle Wells– Provides the state (CalGEM) additional authority to remediate idle gas and oil wells, while providing options for companies that choose to work with the State to resolve their unpaid fees.

AB 941 Farmworker Resource Centers – Establishes a grant program to fund the creation of farmworker resource centers at the county level.

AB 1051 Foster Youth Presumptive Transfer – Requires counties to maintain responsibility for a foster youth whenever they are transferred to a different county for specialty services, unless the foster youth is going to be permanently moved to the new county, or the transfer of responsibility would result in better care.

AB 1206 Community Land Trust Welfare Exemption – Allows non-profit affordable housing cooperatives, where residents receive a small ownership stake in the cooperative, to obtain a welfare (property tax) exemption. This bill would also exempt affordable housing cooperatives from property tax reassessment and would allow residents of community land trusts to maintain their existing welfare exemption if their income rises to 140% of the area median income.


AB 51 (Quirk) – Establishes guidelines for the formation of regional climate adaptation planning groups.


AB 37 (Berman) – Requires each county elections office to send a ballot to all voters at least 29 days before an election, and requires counties to provide voters the ability to track their ballot.

AB 47 (Limon) – Allows CalGEM to increase their annual spending authority from $3 million to $10 million in order to deserted wells.

AB 239 (Villapudua) – Allows wineries to re-fill re-usable containers brought in by customers

AB 314 (Gonzalez) – Allows Legislative staff to unionize.

AB 427 (Bauer-Kahan) – Would set rates, and credits, for consumers with battery storage to return energy to the grid.

AB 525 (Chiu) – Requires the state to develop a strategic plan to achieve for offshore wind energy developments installed off the California coast by 2040, with an interim target of 3,000 megawatts installed by 2030.

AB 616 (Stone) – Allows union organizers to use mail-in ballots for union votes.

AB 1189 (Bloom) – Prohibits CalTrans from charging for indirect administration costs for any wildlife crossing projects that receives at least 50% private funding, and would require the department to charge these projects for functional overhead costs instead.

SB 19 (Glazer)– Authorize a licensed winegrower or brandy manufacturer to operate two off-site tasting rooms (from 1 to 2) under its winegrower license.

SB 790 (Stern) – Authorizes the use of Advanced Mitigation funds to be used to modify or remove wildlife connectivity barriers not covered by existing regulatory programs.